A Key Life Lesson from Snow Drifting in the Alps

“Are you mad?”

“There’s a wall of Ice right in front!”

My mind was racing away as the car spun 180 on the ice.

This was probably the 5th try and I lost count. I was determined to make this work.

The previous 4 rounds was me gassing it late, and then jamming on the brakes just shy of the ice wall.

(FYI. Electronic stability was manually off twice. In case, you have never tested it before, pressing the button on the Audi dashboard switches stability systems off temporarily only. The electronic nanny will still kick in if you do something really stupid. Pressing it twice means, its all on you. Good luck)

Sometimes in our most down days, we feel like giving up on things we love and know is right, yet seems almost impossible at that moment.

  • Our side businesses not working out.
  • Trying to get healthy or lose weight and not seeing results.
  • Investing and seeing our portfolios going down.
  • Working hard in the office and not getting the recognition we deserve.

Split second after yanking the steering all the way to the right.

I swung it back and aimed the steering dead straight.

And floored the accelerator before I could rationalise it in my mind that was screaming away.

It better work this round, otherwise I would be packing up and flying home without a successful snow drift.

Lo and Behold.

At the very moment when the tyres lined up at the envelope of hanging on and letting go, the power surged through from the engine, and it broke out of the spin, rocketing forward to where I wanted it to go.

Yes! A nice clean 180!

Gas Gas Gas worked.

Sometimes, all it takes is pushing on and gassing it even when our rational mind thinks it doesn’t make sense.

In our lives, its tempting to focus on the snow wall, and I do it a million and one times, so I am clearly not the person to judge!

The trick I use now, is to ask myself, what’s the life lesson here and am I fair to all parties (including myself)?

In many cases, when the mind calms down, it knows whats the right thing to do.

w |I pen my tongue-in-cheek musings on digital, data, crypto, life and how I fantasise I would build my SME in this Digital 4.0 world.



Startup Exited Founder | Author who sold a couple of books | Investor & Trader | Data Scientist in Theory | Car & Popcorn Fanatic | Singapore

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