Missed a Stock Buy because of few cents?

The standard conversation in our mind is that “I can save a few cents and get the cheapest price of the day”, and then we see the stock price rocket upwards and never look back again.

Has that happened to you before? Most likely yes. For those who haven’t, you are the rare few or you have selective memory.

I have always found that the deeper worry beyond the few cents is the worry that “I am not buying at the best price.”

Why would I say that?

If the tables were flipped and the stock priced collapsed, instead of rocketing up, the same people would feel unhappy for being able to save a few cents on the position.

How do we fix this?

Buy at the price we want and leave it be. Within the price zone, there will be an acceptable range of movement (and this depends on trade strategy you are using).

Originally published at https://invtradetutor.substack.com.

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